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Department of the Interior 
Office of Surface Mining

AAT has provided services to the Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining (OSM) since 1993. These services have included the full scale migration of a mainframe-based application to a distributed minicomputer environment, including support activities for the Ingres relational data base management system; system administration of the Data General/Unix hardware and system software environment; full life cycle development of local area network-based and web-enabled application systems; and data administration.

AAT also completed the full life cycle development of the Abandoned Mine Land Information System (AMLIS) to satisfy the requirement for an automated nationwide inventory of abandoned mine land (AML) problems.  AMLIS documents unfunded high priority coal reclamation projects, records when funding is made available for each problem area, reports completed projects, and assists in making the determination that a State or Tribe has addressed all known coal problems.  AMLIS includes Geographic Information System capabilities to create maps that show the locations of AML problems.


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