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Information Technology Solutions


AAT provides complete information system development from initial conceptual planning through design and implementation.  Our services also include enhancing and modifying existing applications to meet new requirements, database design, data administration, life cycle and other technical documentation development, training on customized software, and user support.



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Program Support Services

AAT’s customer-centric approach ensures high quality, responsive, and proactive services to supplement federal agency staff in meeting program support requirements.  Our experience includes:

  • Document Management Center Operation – AAT has extensive experience in managing physical and electronic documents to support regulatory submissions and grant management.  Services include scanning, data entry, document distribution, tracking, and control, document destruction, and incoming/outgoing mail processing.

  • Peer Review and Meeting Support – AAT’s experience includes tracking, processing, and distributing grant applications, performing site/facility selection and setup; making hotel/travel arrangements, developing meeting materials and handouts, providing meeting administrative support, and processing travel vouchers.  AAT has supported concurrent peer review panels,  review boards, committees, and advisory groups which have included as few as five participants to over 200 participants.

  • Administrative Services -  AAT provides a full range of administrative services to support federal agency functions such as personnel, payroll, security, and training.  Our services include data analysis, data research, word processing, data entry, copying, faxing, and other administrative services.